June 5, 2013

Surviving Discrimination: The Mary Smrutha Paul Photo Story

By Mary Smrutha Paul | An UNfair & Beautiful contributor

I've endured a lot when I was younger and in school. While studying in an International school, I was made fun by my classmates. I'm skinny and dark, and adopted. I used to be laughed at all the time. The boys used to say that I looked like a Somalian refugee. I understand they were pre-teens and were just bullying girls, but that affected me a lot.

Even at home, growing up my Mom used to tell me that when I was adopted as a baby, I was really tiny and black as a crow. And there's proof to this statement as the same line was written in her biography book, Pioneering on the Pinda.

But as I grew older, I've learnt to accept my skin. Even now there are times where people mistake me for an African. But I just take it as a compliment because I think Africans are the most beautiful race.

Here are some images from a photoshoot in my Instagram account to promote awareness on dark-skin. I wanted to show something more bold - hence the yellow lips!

Photo by Josh Komanapalli
Mary Smrutha Paul is a photographer from Hyderabad and also a freelancer in a lot of other creative fields.


  1. Thank you for posting your story. You are so very beautiful...

  2. Wonder work both of Almighty and of the photographer !!

  3. hey sis!
    you're beautiful just the way you are! >.<

  4. Thank-you all for your lovely comments.

  5. I always assumed you of all people never faced this because you were in an international school and only Indians were biased! Plus you're one of the most gorgeous women I've met.
    So this was a little surprising! But it's nice to hear you overcoming it and choosing to share your experience. I'm sure it will speak to so many more women. =)

  6. Lol Monisha...it's actually the opposite. When you're in the pre-teen years, one faces a lot of problems. Specially in an International School where the environment is different compared to how it is in an Indian School. And with the boys at that age and being retarded at times, yes, I went through this.

  7. I'm a guy and I'm twirling my short hair and saying "you're dreaaaamy" :)

  8. You are so beautiful! Keep telling your story.

  9. What a beautiful woman, you are a perfect work of art!