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“Fair and Handsome” and Shah Rukh Khan: Take Down Discriminatory Ad. 

Do you want to inspire and instigate change?

Do you want to stop biased messages in advertising?  

Start a signature drive today, at your campus, work place, or city. Get all the instructions and material you will need right here. 

Watch the 2 minute video listing 7 easy steps to take the message of the campaign to your community.

Click on the Download button and get all the material you will require for your for your drive. 

Together, let us raise our voices to reflect a nation that celebrates every shade of beautiful and handsome!

The following downloads are the mandatory forms and posters for a signature drive.   Click here for all the material you will need to start your signature campaign
Banners and other optional fliers do make the drive more colourful and informative. 
Click here for additional promotional material

Please mail in the Signature Forms and the Feedback Form to: 
#11, 1st Street,
Aspiran Garden, Kilpauk,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 010

For more details on the petition click here

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