January 24, 2014

Amazing This Way

A mother and her daughter talk about colour and confidence

by Pranuthi Bunyan | With a poem by Sanchitha Rahael Sathyadass

As a mother, I have heard people come up to us and make statements such as, "Your younger son has a better colour than the others!" And this would at most times be in front of the kids. It's ridiculous!

Our three kids, Sanchitha (12 years), Tharan (9) and Vivaan (3) are three different shades. We consciously reinforce to them that each shade is precious--one chocolate, one coffee and one caramel! 

Also, we emphasize that God has created each one fearfully and wonderfully and makes no mistakes!

Sanchu, as we call her, is a born artist. She loves to dance and sing and is a part of a children's choir called "Shine," and has formed little singing quartet called the "Four-tunes"! When she was in public school, she was sometimes ridiculed by her classmates for her colour. It would make her upset at first.

One time my eldest son was made fun of at school; one boy called him “black Tharan” in front of me. I immediately asked the child if Tharan's hair and face were the same colour. When he sheepishly said no,  I told him to learn his colours better!

While there are people who are around who make senseless statements, there have also been others who have been an encouragement. There was an opportunity last Christmas when the two eldest kids were featured in a music video. Opportunities such as these and focus on their inner strengths and gifts, have been the main factors in developing a confidence that we have seen, especially in Sanchu over the last few years. We hope that the two boys will also develop their strengths and live as confident people.

When asked to write for Dark is Beautiful, Sanchu was apprehensive initially. But when we told her that this was helping to campaign for a cause that it would help bring awareness to several others and help create a world that is free of discrimination on the basis of colour, especially for the next generations, she cheerfully agreed! In a matter of minutes, she said a little prayer and had the poem thought out, typed out and formatted!

Amazing this way
by Sanchitha Rahael Sathyadass, age 12
Black or white,

Red or blue,

We are the same,

And that is true.

Lotions, perfumes,

Face washes and soaps,

Make you think that

You should glow.

Washing your face 

And applying cream

Is unnecessary.

You look amazing

Just this way,

Cause dark is beautiful,

And that’s what we say.


  1. I am moved. Its amazing that the campaign has been able to reach out to children so young and they learn to overcome the bias at this stage. This leaves me with a sour taste of not having a campaign like this during my early years..Hats off to the team once again. And I loved your poem Sanchu! You are going to make a mark one day! God bless this family!

  2. This is very nice!! Sanchita you are beautiful and super talented!! Keep up the good work. I would love to see you sing someday and write some more!!

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  4. I appreciate the effort to bring about awareness to people around us..I am mother 2 beautiful girls, Mridula and Geethika.. Mridula is my elder daughter, she has beautiful smile in her eyes, thick lovely long strands of hair, which unfortunately many fail to notice and mostly is compared with her sister who is quite opposite. I personally feel that more than children, its adults who contribute and spread such silly comparisons.Even as a child she had always been called ' oh, that dark kid in 6th floor' i have heard many say..i didnot mind then,, but now when she has started to ask innocently - " Amma, why i don't have a princess skin..? ".( mostly influenced by the Cartoon Channels and Children around the Block ).. I stumbled for words and said.. " Coz' U r special , God made u different..with beautiful eyes, lovely soft skin and long strands like Rapunzel.(..her Fav). Its a Secret ! No one knows it yet.. when u grow up ..they will learn that.. " I hope these Blogs reach out to all and make them realize , this also is a way to torment a child's heart..Be Aware !

  5. Sanchu darling u r beautiful and highly talented..god made everone unique and wonderful..our personality shud b based on our character talent and a clean pure heart and not on our colour or attire..v r all god's creation.. God loves us all....All d best...

  6. Beautiful Sanchu! God bless you guys!

  7. your daughter is so beautiful :) so is her poem